About Us

Established in Hampton, Middlesex in 2009, Chocadoodle is a unique party experience combining the art of doodling with the indulgence of chocolate!

Caroline and her team offer the complete party package….. from the individual, personalised hand decorated chocolate invitation to tablecloths and aprons, thank you cards and of course the clearing up!….

Its good, clean fun and not at as messy as it may seem..

So what does the party involve?…

The party kicks off with some chocolate themed ice breakers whilst the guest arrive. They then start doodling and decorating their chocolate and making some delicious chocolatey creations. We will break for party food (not chocolate of course!!) which can be provided and then onto some party games if they want to. Finally they then package their chocolate delights and pop them in their party goody bag to take home. 

They can choose two activities from making their own chocolate giant buttons or decorating a chocolate stiletto shoe with magic sparkles, edible glitter, bows and stars, moulding and piping a castle with white chocolate ramparts, rolling 20 chocolate footballs in more sprinkly chocolate or designing their very own flavoured chocolate bar just like Willy Wonka….then packaging it all up to take home…..fabulous, clean fun! 

We are totally flexible with the schedule of the party and the party games. The parties are great, creative fun and the party goers can pretend they are Willy Wonka for a day! If they would prefer not to play the party games , we can always arrange for more chocolate creating! They may want to spend longer on the packaging; wrapping with beautiful ballotins, ribbons and bags……

At Chocadoodle  we love parties, chocolate &
doodling so…….    we have created a unique party package.